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Yogis are everywhere! Chances are there may already be a screening of Yogawoman in your community. Select the link below to view screenings near you.

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We are happy to support Yogawoman screenings around the globe. Please note that while local theaters are screening Yogawoman, private screenings will not be permitted. 

Experience the inner peace together and host a screening for all your friends, neighbors, mothers' group, family and community. It's a great way to bring people together, raise awareness about the benefits of yoga and celebrate women. You don't need to own a cinema. If you can play a DVD, you can bring people together to see this film.

To plan your screening you will need to sign up FIRST -see details below, before your screening has been legally permitted. Please note which type of screening fits your event below and allow plenty of time for shipping either locally or internationally when planning your date. Once your payment has been made we will ship you a Yogawoman DVD for your screening.

50 people or less:    $200 screening fee including the YOGAWOMAN DVD,
50 - 100 people:        $350 screening fee including the YOGAWOMAN DVD
(We will PAYPAL invoice you and the base screening fee must be made prior to the event)
Please note that these nominal fees for YOGAWOMAN help us cover our expenses.

100 people or more: University, Institution or Cinema please contact us for further information.
If you are planning a larger event like a Cinema screening, Conference or Festival there is a Screening Rental Fee and Yogawoman will receive a percentage of the ticket price. Please write to us directly if  you would like to discuss your event. 

Please Note: Once your screening has been submitted to Yogawoman and posted on the Yogawoman Events Calendar, you may then go ahead and advertise your event.

All you need to do NOW is apply USING these easy steps:

Step 1: Date, Place and Audience

You know more about your community then us so its up to you to find the right place, the right time and the right people to invite. Check that your intended venue is available for your screening and please direct people to for information on the film and to view the trailer. (Don't hesitate to ask us any questions you have along the way)

Step 2: Register your Yogawoman Screening

It is part of our screening policy that all screenings be registered as an event on our Yogawoman Events Calendar before you begin advertising. The Events Calendar is a great place to promote your event and use it to tell your friends the details. Also your event may interest someone else in your area who you can get to meet and connect with. To register your event, click here. Please note that you will need to first need to be a member on our website. Through your promotion of the event, you can encourage people to RSVP and they too can enjoy all the inspiring Yogawoman resources. To register for your event you will need the following:

  • An email address.
  • The date and time of your screening.
  • The venue name and address.
  • The capacity of the venue (number of seats available)

Visit Yogawoman to register:

Step 3: Download a Yogawoman Screening Pack

This pack contains all that you need for your screening (except of course a copy of the film, which you will need to buy here).

You can download the complete resource pack in a .zip file

Yogawoman Screening Pack Yogawoman Screening Pack (17133 KB)

Or you can download each file individually

  1. Yogawoman Checklist Yogawoman Checklist (130 KB)

  2. Yogawoman Poster Yogawoman Poster (17060 KB)

  3. Yogawoman Screening Policy Yogawoman Screening Policy (126 KB)

  4. Yogawoman Promotional Text Yogawoman Promotional Text (86 KB)

    (for FB, Twitter, eblasts etc)
Step 4: Hold your own Yogawoman screening

It's as easy as that. Roll out the red carpet, cook up some popcorn and enjoy. We hope you have a great event. We look forward to hearing how it all went. Please post your thoughts on our blog.


In registering a screening with, Yogawoman Pty Ltd (distributors of ‘Yogawoman' the film) implicitly gives you the permission to host a public screening. Any other public screening not registered though is considered breach of copyright.

See it's as easy as that, GET STARTED TODAY!

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